About Us

Robert’s Lawn Care started in 1999 with the goal of bringing affordable, quality lawn care and Maine landscaping services to Southern Maine. Since then, the company has expanded to bring in new areas of expertise such as walkways, patios, driveways, and walls, without harming the quality of work as well as professional attitude. Starting with 25 residential and 1 commercial account Robert’s Lawn care has expanding exponentially and now includes at least 70 residential accounts as well as numerous small and large commercial accounts.

These commercial accounts include such things as restaurants, campgrounds and the multifaceted Saco Island. Although, the importance of being a local based company that works with the community, is an important goal within the company, we have welcomed larger commercial accounts with the hopes of not only expanding our customer base and knowledge but also our areas of expertise. We strive to give our customers, whether big or small, a satisfaction that they will be given the highest quality work that is cost efficient lawn care for their home or business.

About Our Employees

The experts at Robert’s Lawn care will help you keep your property looking professional and well maintained no matter the time of year. Robert’s Lawn Care enlists employees that hold true to our ideal goal of providing quality lawn care service with a professional attitude. The crew is very efficient as well as courteous. Robert’s Lawn Care’s employees are well rounded and trained to use the newest equipment that the company provides. RLC employees provide Maine landscaping services that far exceed all customer expectations, we always try and go that extra mile to ensure that a job is done right.

Our Goals

With the expansion within the area of knowledge that Robert’s Lawn Care has come to inquire through research, and experience we have the high hopes of expanding our customer base. Within the next few months we hope to find other larger commercial accounts (such as big box stores) as well as expanding our customer base to surrounding towns within Southern, ME. With our well rounded, easy adaptable business approach, as well as our ambitious

“The experts at Robert’s Lawn care will help you keep your property looking professional.”